Agreement reached in public sector wage negotiations

South Africa has a avoided a debilitating industrial conflict in the public sector with government announcing that it has reached a multi-year agreement with public sector trade unions after prolonged and rocky negotiations.

In a statement released yesterday government said the negotiating parties have agreed on a three year settlement for the period 2012 to 2015. “The 2012 salary increase effective on May 1, is 7%. For 2013 to 2015 the increase is Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1%”.

The department of public service said it was relieved that after six months of difficult negotiations parties have finally come to this conclusion.  “The Agreement indicates what is possible when parties join hands to solve challenges” said public enterprise minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

“This three year agreement allows for the employer and labour to implement all elements of the agreement, the three years are also in line with Government planning cycle and ensure stability and proper planning for both parties” said Sisulu.

As part of the agreement, the employer and labour have committed themselves to a working relationship towards a service delivery accord that will ensure high productivity, efficiency and professionalism in the public service.

The State also committed to invest in public servants through skilling and empowerment to ensure higher productivity in the public service. The Minister believes this is a fair settlement that covers all parties concerned.

“We recognise the commitment to an effective public service shown by labour unions throughout this negotiations process. This agreement lays a foundation for further processes of development of a service charter aimed at higher productivity in the public sector”, said Sisulu.



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