Affordable smartphone player, Nuu Mobile, heads to South Africa


Nuu Mobile, the maker of affordable smartphones with a cheeky posture, is coming to South Africa and could shake the merging segments of the country’s market.

SATopShops is reliably informed that Nuu Mobile will hit the South African market in the near future via a local distributor who secured a southern African master license from the Hong Kong based global operation.

Nuu Mobile is coming to South Africa after signing up international football superstar, Ronaldinho, as brand ambassador. That move suggests that Nuu Mobile is gearing up for an aggressive marketing venture.

Entering the market in 2012 Nuu Mobile has grown from its Far East Asian home region to take on big market, like the US, Europe and India.

Its latest edition titled Nuu G3 is receiving raving reviews after causing a stir at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

SATopShops, A Johannesburg based online consumer affairs titles, has learnt that a local entrepreneur whose identity is known to us, has reached an agreement with Nuu Mobile to start distributing within three months. The concerned entrepreneur could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

With smartphones priced between R899 and R5000, the operation will be targeting the low to middle income market, whose uptake of smartphones is still at its early stages of growth.

While the South African mobile phone penetration has come close to maturity, the smartphone take up still has a long way to go as many users still have feature phones. Smartphone penetration is estimated to be around 50% and the take up rate is said to be reaching fever pitch levels. This can be gleaned through revenue trends of mobile phone network operators like Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. All are showing astronomical growth in data consumption and smart phone sales.

Nuu Mobile, could have a comfortable place within South Africa’s emerging markets as it has done around the globe. It’s left the upper end of the market for big players like iPhone, Samsang and Huawei to focus on the budget market. But competition is also getting tighter on the budget market. And so the recently launched Nuu G3 wants to differentiate itself as “a budget phone with a couple of flagship features”.

Nuu Mobile products boast the following feature amongst others:

  • Powered by android
  • Boast screens of 5 inch plus
  • Dual camera
  • 4G LTE
  • Voice-over-LTE
  • Average of 3GB of RAM

Commenting on the launch of the G3 in Europe, Nolan Newman of Nuu Mobile, has been quoted saying: “We are really excited to launch the G3 for the European markets, as not only is it our most innovative phone to date but it also addresses the gap for consumers looking for the latest technology and features at an affordable price as well as a brilliant user experience. From students, to business users to parents we have heard from customers that they want an up-to-date, high-quality device with much needed security features without a hefty price tag.”

Could South Africa hear Nuu Mobile?

This article was first published in SATopShop, a consumer affairs media platform.

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