Accountants body see increase in candidates

The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) said it has seen a record number of candidates who wrote its professional evaluation exams to qualify as Professional Accountants in 2012.

“More than 1 000 candidates wrote the exams during the two 2012 sessions, some 20% up on the previous year’s figures, which themselves were an increase on 2010,” says Navin Lalsab, (ACD) Accreditation, Compliance and Development executive at SAIPA. “The pass rate hovered around 70%, too, which is excellent.”

Lalsab says the upward trend in the number of accountants joining SAIPA can be attributed to several causes. In general, more people are joining the profession; specifically, SAIPA’s ongoing marketing efforts are alerting more accounting graduates to the benefits of obtaining professional status through SAIPA accreditation. Among these benefits is access to (CPD) Continuous Professional Development, which helps SAIPA members keep their skills current and market-relevant-no small benefit given the speed at which modern business and accounting regulations change. They also receive access to advice and information from SAIPA’s technical department.

“However, there are still many thousands of graduates working in the accounting field in commerce and industry who don’t have a professional affiliation,” Lalsab continues. “I strongly urge them to consider the benefits of obtaining professional accreditation through SAIPA. Joining a respected industry body is a wise strategic move because it enables you to keep your skills updated, and helps ensure you remain marketable into the future.”

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