Absa invests R550m in ATM infrastructure upgrade

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ABSA has committed more than R550m to improve and enhance its ATM network and expand convenient self-service banking facilities for Absa and non-Absa customers alike.

Absa operates the largest ATM footprint nationwide with more than 9000 conveniently located ATMs.

The company said enhancements to the network include ATMs which provide convenient card-less transactions like cash deposits; CashSend; Scan n Pay, which provides simple bill scanning and payment; and contactless card services for Absa’s PayPass and My City Cards.

The ATMs also provide immediate short-term Instant Loans and eStamped statements eliminating the need for customers to go into a branch.

Commented Arrie Rautenbach, Absa Head of Retail Banking: “We have strategically chosen each and every ATM location so that it offers both Absa and non-Absa customers convenience. The improved hardware ensures that all customers have a fast and reliable experience no matter where the ATM is located.”

Absa’s ATMs were recently recognised in the 2013 Accenture Innovation Index for their feature-rich functionality which makes the lives of its customers much easier. With the improved functionality and anytime availability, customers rarely need to visit a branch.

“As we look to provide South Africans with solutions that enable them to prosper, we will continue to invest in innovative, convenient solutions that make us the ‘Go-To’ bank for South Africans – banked and unbanked alike,” said Rautenbach.

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