A collection of Valentine’s Day shopping specials



Valentine’s Day specials are coming in thick and fast as mainstream retailers, like Checkers, Woolworths, Makro and Game, rush to capture consumers’ attention.

Here is a list of notable campaigns and price reduction which are doing the rounds ahead of the 14th of February.

Woolworths: Gift your heart out this Valentine’s Day

Woolworths is   running with an interesting Valentine’s Day campaign which mixed the concepts of Love and Revolution. The Relovelution campaign comes with price reductions on a range of products including lingerie, fragrancies and sumptous goodies.

Uber’s Valentine’s Week: 25% Off 3 rides in Johannesburg

Enjoy another 25% off 3 Uber rides ’til 18 February. Spoil your loved ones.  This offer entitles you to a discount of 25% on each of three rides for rides that start within the Promotion Area during the Promotion Period.  The total value of the Discount shall be no more than R150 across the (3) three rides and the maximum value of the discount per ride is R50.00


Game: We love beating price games for Valentine’s Day

A range of price reduction from Game including KIC Freezer, Samsung Monitor and HP Notebook.

Shop for the love of tech at Dion Wired

Checkers: Something for everyone to love this Valentine’s Day

There’s a Valentine’s  Day catalogue from Checkers:


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