2019 Gauteng online school application system: Step-by-step guide


The 2019 round of Gauteng online school application system goes live on Monday, the 16th of April 2018, which requires all parents seeking school for Grade 1 and 8 to engage the online platform. Exceptions has been made for parents without access to the internet:  Here’s how it works:

Parents must visit www.gdeadmissions.gov.za to apply. The department advises parents to use Google Chrome to access the online website, as is it faster than other search engines.

Parents lacking access to the internet

Any parent who lacks access to the internet or require face-to-face assistance should visit one of the decentralised application centres or a community library. The Department will operate 65 admissions centres across the 15 education districts.

Alternatively, parents can contact the Department at the following telephone or email address:

Call Centre on (011) 355 0000;

Toll free number 0800 000 789; or

Email: Gdeinfo@gauteng.gov.za

The online path

  • There will be regular updated news feeds displayed on the notification bar.
  • Parents are required to read the information on the Welcome Page and click on Apply for 2019 to access Terms and Condition. Clicks continue after reading the Terms and Conditions to proceed with the application.
  • Parents can also select the preferred language in which to complete the application form by clicking on Language
    To proceed with the application click on Apply for 2019

eHomeAffairs allows you to apply for an ID or Passport via the internet: Here’s how it works


The Three Steps

There are three (3) steps in the application process
Step 1 – Enter Parent/Legal Guardian Details
Step 2 – Enter Learner Details
Step 3 – Apply to a School

Parents must complete all three steps for the application to be completed


  • First time user will be required to click “Apply for 2019” button to enter parent information before making an application (ALL users must create new credentials)
  • The “Enter Parent Information” form will pop-up and parent should complete all fields on the form. The parent’s cell phone number is compulsory as this number will be used to communicate with the parents. The Landline and Email fields are
    not compulsory.
  • A Username and Password will be created by Parent to login and access the main application as a User. The Password must be eight (8) characters long consisting of a Capital Letter, Small Letters, Numbers and a Special Character, for example, P@ss2018.
  • Security questions: Parent need to complete the security questions fields. The answers will be used to validate a user when the cell phone number has changed or credentials (username and password) is to be reset
  • A SMS is sent to the parent indicating login username and password
  • After submitting STEP 1 the application will automatically proceed to STEP 2 (ENTER LEARNER DETAILS ) and the colour of STEP 1 will change to GREEN


On this page a parent can enter learner information (Application cannot be made unless learner’s details are captured)

  • Click Submit Learner Details after completing the learner information page
  • STEP 2 will change to GREEN and the application will automatically proceed to STEP 3 (APPLY TO A SCHOOL)


A parent can apply using the following options:

  • Home/Work address option – Applying to a school closest to your home or work address
  • Sibling option – Applying to a school where your child has a sibling doing Grade 1-6 and/or Grade 8-11 currently
  • Previous School Option – (Grade 8 application only)

These options can also be used:

  • School of choice – Applying to a school of preference (NOTE: Applications that do not meet admissions criteria will be allocated a Waiting List B reference number)
  • Application to a School of Specialisation (SOS)
  • Application to a Technical School
  • Application to a School with Boarding facility

Parent must complete all the required fields on the page

  • Select a learner
  • Select the Grade applying for in 2019 (Parent can only apply for Grade 1 or Grade 8)

Select one of the application options:

  • Address(home or work)
  • Sibling
  • Previous school

The system will provide:

  • A list of schools closest to the address (Home or Work) option selected
  •  The name of the school where the sibling is, if sibling details was captured
  • A list of schools closest to the previous school of the learner

When a parent applies using the sibling option they will have to register the sibling details
When a parent applies using the previous school option they will have to give the current school where the child is in Grade 7
After completing the Application Page the parent click “ Apply” to submit application

Waiting list reference

The parent will receive a Waiting List reference number (Confirmation that the application was submitted).

  • An application reference number with a confirmation note will appear on the screen
  • Parent can “Apply again” (Make another application to another school) or “Apply for another learner” ( Enter details of another learner to apply for 2019)

Parents must note the 3 types of waiting list numbers

  • WA – Parent
  • WB – Parent do not qualify in terms of the Admissions Regulation and need to apply to a school where the waiting list will be WA
  • WAB – the system cannot identify the address

NOTE: Documents must be submitted within 7 school days after submitting an application: 16 April 2018 – 5 June 2018


Gauteng online school applications for 2019: All you need to know

  • I tried this 4 times it say error it doesn’t even take me to step 3 when I redo it says learner already exist. When I click to check on my learners dololo.who ever came up with this online thing is pathetic.
    The old ways of going to school of ur choice register was cool.now the gov will place my kid in a school of their choice

    I wonder if the misters’kid school was chosen by the system.

  • This is a waste of time i jv tried many times to log in and everytime i submit parent info the system tell me id has already been registered and it doesnt take me automatically to next level and and wen u try it keeps repeating the same story i gv up

  • I am patrick nyathi cell no;083…
    kids name Nonhlanhla Joy nyathi ID 1207…
    Date of Birth 2012…
    I can have application of 2019 school grd 1 address plot 229 B4 princess Roodepoort 1724 please we can Replay back to this number 083… or email .. .com thank you

  • I tried to apply for 2019;i submit parent details,when i submit leaner details the system tell me id of my child is already registered,what should i do now?from valdah

  • Tenjiswa Hokwana

    I’m at Mathole Roodepoort trying to register my daughter for 2019 in grade 8 but this thing it’s very complicated to me

  • No we need the old way back..i keep on repeating parents information..it doesnt take me to form 2… As my child won’t be registered on time

  • Cecilia Tshegofatso Mongala

    I did register for my son for Grade 8 ,but when i apply for my second child for Grade 1 the system keep on saying my id no already registered.what must i do now

  • I have already registered my grandchild for Gr 1 for 2019, who is in my foster care and she was registered successful at laerskool swartkop in Valhalla South Africa, this was in April. I moved during May to a new are Rietfontein Pretoria, must I re-register or can my successful application just be moved to the new school (district)?

  • Hy my aunt tried online application the problem is she loaded school she doesnt like and cant afford is it possible for her to re -register please she wanted muslim school around soweto

  • I applying for my kids new high school in gauteng.

  • Hi pls assist me I’m trying to Register the child @ Singobile primary school at soshanguve pls assist me , Grade 1 date of birth 29 July 2012 pls register the child pls from Phiri

  • Olekane Masike I’d no : pls register the child

  • Cebisile Sibanda

    Hi I registered at a school near me, I went to submit the documents two days after they did not take the registration’s reference number then a week later I went to submit the documents for my neighbor at the same school they took the reference number and the neighbors have received an SMS saying their documents have been reviewed and i haven’t. What must I do?

    1. Hi,
      I just got a notification now that I have to move to vaal end of this year and my daughter needs to be at school next year,when I check registration is only open for grade 1-8 and she will be in grade 10 next year,please what must I do,I will be staying in kliprivier am looking at schools close which could be in meyerton please help me

  • Sessie Raseroka


  • hey i am trying to login to do follow up on the application but it says invalid password which is the correct password i created

  • I want to register my child for grade 3, are registration still opens, online it only talks about grade 1 and 8… Please advise

  • I am trying to register for 2019 but the system does not allow me to go through,please help


  • We have missed the registration online due to unforseen circumstances with the family, how do I register my daughter for G1 next year? What is the process? Can somebody assist please.

  • My name is Moffat from de-deur, tried to register on the provided website but it keeps on returning me to the home page, please help.

  • Hai this online thing gets into my nerves right now .the link fo admission is not working even tryed to reset password still the some please help

  • Hi

    I have been trying to register my two boys for Grade 8 2019, from the 30th of May.

    I wasn’t aware that the closing date was 29th of May. I called Sedibeng district on June,
    if they came help, they said I must keep on checking online.
    Please advise when exactly we will get the opportunity to register our kidz.

  • Good day, I am battling to confirm my child’s application online, the system wouldn’t accept my Id number and I tried calling the call center number 0800000789 for assistance and was not assisted either, I was deliberately put on hold without being assisted. 06 August 2018 @ 10h45 and my call was then cut off after holding with no assistance

  • Have been trying to register my daughter for G8 but can’t Access it, please what’s the problem with this site i need your assistance here. Thanks

  • Hi.
    I have a problem. Today I was at Thuto Lesedi and they gave me a district number. I called them and they told me to go back to the school. I did go but they told me that they got the email from the district but they need a password. I called the district again and so I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • phillemon Mabetwa

    My name is Phillemon in Nelmapius i’m experiencing Error massage pooping out when trying to log in to confirm my application of April. i ‘m prompted with the likes of ID error and unable to access my account. please can dept. replay me back to this number … or email .. ? thank you

  • My name is Michael i been trying to register my kids for G1 & G6 at mogobeng primary, no success please assist me

  • Hi I’m Sarah maKoe mother of nkateko makoe whom I’m trying this online registration I did send all his information and documents.but we keep getting SMS saying we must register online but what amazes me is he is in grade R in tshipinoto in Etwatwa what I don’t understand is that the child is already at school but we have to register online isn’t the school suppose to send child info to the district t cause he is already at that school not unless you take him to another school please help this is confusing energy draining and I’m trying to log in the system keeps on saying my ID doesn’t match I don’t know what to do please help

  • Hi my name is Deborah longonda i would like to register my daughter Alegria ndongwa for grade 1 at w die wet

  • Hi I was trying to register my daughter to Grade 1, the system doesn’t allow me to the page.School ONKGOPOTSE TIRO PRIMARY SCHOOL. 0631203764/0833398055 Please help.Father of the child. LETLHOGONOLO MOLEME

  • I have been trying to confirm my child’s admission to the school but it keeps sending me mobile tokens with no luck & I’m only left with 2 days to , I called the department but was put on hold for a long period & cut me off after, pls do something about this issue

  • I have also been trying to access my account to view the results of my application.
    The system gives an error msg saying password invalid, so I tried to reset the password. Then I received what they call a token number which I punched in & created a new P/Word, but still cannot login.
    I fill this is a waste of time & money as some people need pay to access the internet. The call center is even worse (answering machine) keeps you on hold forever.

  • I have been trying to register my child for the past month but I always receive errors for Grade 11 and 8, how do I go about, time has flown

  • Now there are no more applications available for next year?

  • Now can I ask there won’t be another applications dates for next year?

  • I have applied for my child on time for grade 1. Out of the four schools I applied none has accepted my child yet and its getting late. This is frustrating.

  • Hi i’ve been trying to register my child for grade 8 at Phomolong High with no success, can anyone please help. my number is 0786888476. Thank you.

  • I’ve registered my son but still waiting. N results. Is there any problem?

  • Hi bt ths online thng is nt ok coz mst of us dnt understand n really where does it cum frm, it makes lots of confusion 2 people. I’m a mother of 2 boys I hv found a new place around lenesia so I cnt make changes 4 my kids 2 find skul at tht side, coz of ths online thng. I’m going 2 move in there November bt cnt find space 4 my grade 1 boy, wht mst I do coz I even went 2 th district of tht side at Ormonde thy told m tht thy are nt sure if thy will open 4 another online thng 4 nxt year bt 4 grade 5 I cn go 2 th skul. Wht mst I do

  • To who will receive my name is Richard im looking for grade 8space for next year for a child who goes bye there name of austin

  • Hi m looking for a space 4 my grade1 boys iv been trying 2 register but it does not go through plsss help


  • Alinah Moshoeshoe

    Hi I have tried to apply online for my son for grade 8 I don’t know where I go wrong really this is so confusing

  • To who receive this ;
    please I still waiting for the confirmation letter of admission and on my account there is only parent message .

  • To who receive this ;
    please I still waiting for the confirmation letter of admission and on my account there is only parent message .
    this is my username and pass

  • Funeka Beauty Xakatha

    I did not recieve any response I applied for my child but till today i don’ t know what is happened with this online frustrating thing.

  • Lusanda sive mtsodo

    Write here…I hv been trying to apply for
    my child but the app doesn’t wanna open and whn we go to school they said we must keep on trying till whn and we wanna register for grade 8 plz help

  • I tried to apply for my child but i fail cz it wasn’t tske adress wen i register.so i need help of registreation.plz

  • Write here…im also struggling with registering my child for grade 1 but this online system does not want to let me in….plz i need help

  • I phoned to asked about my application and I was told that I did not complete step3. But l tried several times to lock on but don’t succeed. I tried to phone but phone rings forever. I just don’t know what to do or where to go. Can someone please help.

  • I tried to lock on but didn’t succeed applying for grade 8 boarding school

  • Hi there,
    I was not aware of the deadlines of April to May and the school told me that the application was closed and referred me to the government website which did not provide any info on upcoming reopening dates for those who may have missed, except for saying registration is close and that’s all.
    Today the site says outcome to be released on 23 August… that’s 2 weeks ago but the site is yet to be updated.
    I find this reckless, irresponsible and disrespectful to come up with a solution supposed to easen up things but lacking any sense of proactiveness.

    Why come up with a system without any preventive measures in anticipating to provide important information?

  • I’m looking for a private school in Soshanguve for my two sons for next year year.can you kindly give me some names of the schools and forms to apply.thanks

  • good day.

    can we be told exactly when will be the next registration for 2019.



  • Hi i wil like to register my child for grade 8 for 2019 around alexandra for sotho language.
    Thank you

  • Hi i would like to register my kids at Hoerskool Diversity High School/The Hill High i live in South Hills

  • Hi i will like to register my son at elandspoort high school in Danville for grade 8 in 2019. Please help.

  • Hi i will like to apply for my little sister at Zonkizizwe Secondary School for Grade 8

  • Hi i will like to apply for my little sister at Zonkizizwe Secondary School for Grade 8 class in 2019

  • Hi I would like to apply for my son for grade 8 somewhere around mahube

  • Martha maswanganyi

    I would like to apply for my daughter who will be in grade 9 next year

  • Hi I have applied for grade 1 on April for 3 schools, and no reply so went to the district 3 weeks back to find out what’s happening only to find out that my applications are pending as I have used my work address but I have submitted all the documents at schools my son don’t stay with me he stays with my mom in Pretoria and I work in Johannesburg. I have been going up and downs till today, went again and filled some other forms. PLEASE HELP ME not sure what to do any more. They told me that there is nothing they could do.

  • Hi i did apply for my child and only have the refference number. I forgot my password and when resetting my password it says i must enter token of which i dont have that token.now i cant proceed cause only have refference number i cant login to check whats needed frm the school where i was applying.meaning my child wont be registered without me loging in.this thing is stressing im now confused what must i do

  • Hi ive applied for grade 8 and only have the refference number. I forgot my password and when resetting my password it says i must enter token of which i dont have that token.now i cant proceed cause only have refference number i cant login to check whats needed frm the school where i was applying.meaning my child wont be registered without me loging in.this thing is stressing im now confused what must i do.help me plase

  • Hi my name is Marumolebop@gmail.za I’m want 2 register my daughter at Refentse primary at mamelodi west for grade1. Because I stay at the next street. I was told that the applications are closed please help me

  • My name is Matankiso I’m have applied for my daughter since April 2018,till now I’m still on pending status.Please help me I’m panicking.

  • Lufereng primary

  • Good day. I couldn’t register my son for admission to grade 8 because we were not sure if he will be attending school in Gauteng in 2019. I have been to the nearest district twice and they told me that registrations will open again. I am in Dobsonville and would like my son to attend at PJ Simelani High School. When will the registration open again? I am really worried. Pakiso Mphuthi.

  • Am Busisiwe Skhosana i would like to apply for my cazin she will be doing grade 8 next year.am staying next to Soshanguve central secondary school.please help i went to the school but didnt get help.the told us aout online of which her granny doesnt know anything about it.so now am trying to help

  • Plz give us a chance to apply again im one of them u dnt get a school for my son whos going to grade8 next year plz open the line again that our request

  • Write here..im mosima salphy mafalo id num 8405060326082, i hear by applying for itumeleng natasha mafalo id num 120629090 for grade 1 2019 at between the mantioned schools(sunnyside primary school,oos eind primary school & pretoria primary school) at pretoria

  • Im mosima mafalo from tshwane kindly applying for my child by the name of Itumeleng Natasha Mafalo at the schools between( sunnyside primary,oos eind @ pretoria primary schools) at tshwane for grade 1 2019.im kindly expecting for ur responce.mosima id num( 8405060326082 & Iumeleng id num(1206290901083) thank you

  • Hi im Deborah Moffat from vosloorus I’m kindly applying for my child by the name of lwandle Moffat at the school’s between vosloorus and boksburg primary schools) for grade 1 2019.im kindly expecting for your respond

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