1000 consumers will have free Uber/Checkers ride for Black Friday

Ujuh Reporter

1000 consumers will get a free Uber ride, from and to a Checkers store in South Africa, in a special offer arranged by the two businesses for the 2015 Black Friday shopping spree.

The Uber offering is a spice up in the Checkers broader Black Friday offering and represents a key indicator of the future for the disruptive Uber transport business model. Think Uber delivery (UberEats).

This is part of a broader Black Friday offering by South Africa’s retailing giant Checkers, a division of JSE listed group Shoprite. Checkers is promising to slash prices by 50% on selected ‘everyday products’ for the 2015 Black Friday as the retailer seeks to lead in the entrenchment of Black Friday shopping craze.

In a statement issued this week Checkers and Uber said they will offer customers a free trip to and from their supermarket on Friday 27 November. The first 1 000 new users to sign up with Uber using the promo code CHECKERSBLACKFRIDAY will qualify for a free return trip to any Checkers store (up to R100 each way).

For Uber, the Black Friday shopping craze offers an opportunity to grow its South African base. Uber is an American originated software development firm that is changing the taxi business across the globe. The company has developed a live software that connects riders to taxi drivers.

Coming with cheaper prices than the traditional meter taxis, the Uber model stands to destroy old meter taxi industry. The service was launched in South Africa, Johannesburg, in 2013 and has grown to have presence in all major cities and has caused some consternation like it has done across the globe.


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